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L'ADPVK change de nom
Sept 2019

L'ADPVK change his name

The ADPVK started its actions in favor of development in 2014 in a fishing village in the Kou Valley.
Today the actions of the association extend to the municipality of Bama which covers most of this natural region crossed by the Kou river.
So that the name of the association reflects its actions and the region in which it leads them, the ADPVK becomes ADVK (Development Association of the Kou Valley).

General meeting2018
March 2019

General meeting 2018

The General Assembly of the ADPVK was held on February 22, 2019 at the home of its treasurer.
The office of the ADPVK has made the moral balance of the association by recalling the values carried by its members.
The reminder of the actions carried out in 2018 made it possible to compare these actions with the objectives we had set ourselves and to measure the financial resources put into action.
The projects for the year 2019 and 2020 were presented in particular the equipment of a multimedia room.
en savoir plus.

Flea market in Rouffiac
November 2018

The nights of the Kou valley light up

The installation of solar panels and batteries at the end of October doubled the power of the existing pack. 52 bulbs are powered by these solar panels and an electrical network. Almost all the houses in the village are now lit.
This lighting allows women to continue their economic activities in the freshness of evenings and children to revise their lessons.
The trip of 3 members of the association allowed to train in electricity 2 young people of the village and to initiate a management of the installations by the village association Benkadi.

Flea market in Rouffiac
September 2018

Flea market in Rouffiac

The office of the ADPVK mobilized on 9 September to participate in a flea market in Rouffiac.
This day raised funds for the various projects of the association in Burkina Faso. It was also an opportunity to discuss the last adjustments before leaving in October in Burkina Faso for the launch of the project of electrification of the village.
See you next year at the same time.

Foundation of electric poles
September 2018

Foundation of electric poles

The 9 IPN poles modified by Issouf the welder of Bama were poured to cover the surface of the village. These poles will bring current to the nearest homes to provide enough power to power a bulb per home.
The section of the electric cables was chosen in order to make possible the evolution of the power of the system.
The installation of the electric cables and the first houses equipped with a light bulb are planned at the beginning of November.

Modification IPN bars
August 2018

Modification IPN bars

The ipn were sent from Bobo Dioulasso to Bama at Issouf the welder to be modified.
At the top end of the IPN, the welding of 4 iron cylinders facilitates the fixing of cables. Below, a metal plate allowing the fixing and the protection of the boxes of diversion. At the lower end, the welding of a double lattice to consolidate the foundations.

Lighting the village houses
July 2018

Lighting the village houses

The work to lighting the village houses with solar panels began. The IPN bars that will serve as electrical poles were bought in Bobo Dioulasso, cut to 5 meters and transported to the welder of Bama for some modifications.
In September the foundations will be prepared to pour the 9 poles in the village to carry current in each house.

The sun illuminates the nights of the Kou Valley
June 2018

The sun illuminates the nights of the Kou Valley

The project of lighting the houses of the village by solar panels network managed by the Benkadi village association got a grant from Agence Micro Projet. It is part of the 23 projects of the 2018 spring session (out of 211) selected by a jury of experts.
This grant of 4 & nbsp; 500 & nbsp; € has made it possible to complete the budget of 6 & nbsp; 000 & nbsp; € dedicated to this project and is an acknowledgment of the merits of our actions.
Work is scheduled to begin in early September 2018 and should be completed by the end of November. You will be able to follow all the steps on the page ADPVK facebook.

Bama School drilling water
March 2018

Bama School drilling water

Access to groundwater through a human powered pump and a drilled well makes it possible to reach the phreatic water and to have a drinking water point. This type of installation makes it possible to avoid the particular diseases diarrheal which affect the children.
The development of this drilling makes it possible to sustain the drinking water resource for the 600 pupils of the primary school.

Aménagement du forage
March 2018

General meeting 2017

The general meeting of the ADPVK took place on 01 March 2018 (Télécharger le PV).
This meeting was an opportunity to do the activity report of the association by recalling the origin and objectives of our action.
The reminder of the actions carried out since the association's creation in January 2014 made it possible to compare these actions with the objectives we had set ourselves and to measure the financial means implemented.
Future projects to upgrade the facilities put in place were presented as well as new projects for education.
The meeting ended with the renewal of the association's office.

Sponsorship in Kou valley
Décember 2017

Solar lights illuminate the evenings of schoolchildren in the Kou Valley

The school sponsorship launched by the ADPVK in 2017 was a great success.
Sponsors' contribution helped to cover fees for 20 primary and secondary school children, a 25 kg rice bag for each family, school supplies and solar lights Lagazel.
These lamps made in Burkina Faso will allow children to review their lessons in the evening after school.
Each sponsor has a web page where he finds photos and videos of the sponsored child as well as the report cards.

The population of Africa is expected to double by 2050
October 2017

The population of Africa is expected to double by 2050

In 2100, 40% of humanity will be African. In 1980 the United Nations announced 10.5 billion human beings on the planet. Latest projections released in 2017 announce 11.2 billion (Le Monde).
Africa's population is growing because of the excess of births over deaths. Even though fertility has declined, women give birth to 4.5 children in 2017 (1.6 in Europe), compared to 6.5 in the 1970s, and it is falling more slowly than the decline observed a few decades ago in the 1970s. Asia (2.1 in 2017) and Latin America (2 in 2017).

What is happening in Africa ?
Economic development often goes hand in hand with declining fertility and is often a consequence of literacy. Many studies have shown that educating women is a key factor in the process of declining fertility (Le rendez-vous des civilisations - Todd & Courbage) : Those who went to school had fewer children than those who did not go to school.
In a world of limited resources, Africa's development through education concerns us all.

Benkadi Association
June 2017

Benkadi Association

Created at the end of 2016 by the people of the fishing village of the Kou valley, the Benkadi association (harmony in Dioula) brings together the men and women of the village in order to manage the installations set up (homework classroom, solar panels and drilling).
The elected office is composed of three women and the deputy bureau of three men. The association is responsible for the proper use of the facilities and the collection of revenue from the sale of ice, fresh water, telephone charging, ... to ensure the maintenance and renewal of the facilities.

Homework classroom - Burkina Faso
May 2017

A first assessment after 6 months

The homework classroom put into service in November 2016, welcomes the children of the village in the evening for their revisions.
Léontine, who is in charge of the management of the installations by the Benkadi association, ensures the proper functioning and takes care of the sale of ice and fresh water.
Benkadi is an association grouping the inhabitants of the village which aims to manage the different installations (drilling, classroom, solar panels). The sale of ice, fresh water, mobile recharging must generate revenues for the maintenance and renewal of equipments.
After 6 months, the average monthly profit is 38 € (25 000 FCFA). The cost of the renewal of the installations calculated over the lifespan of the equipment is 43 € per month to which must be added the salary of Léontine (45 € per month).
A first assessment will be carried out after 1 year of operation in order to smooth the seasonal effects (winter and warm season) that can influence the recipes.

Voûte Nubienne - Burkina Faso
March 2017

AVN wins the World Habitat Award

The problem of housing has impacts on the economy, social development, greenhouse gas emissions and affects the living conditions of millions of people.
To make their roofs, the use of wood (disappearing or missing wood resources) and sheet metal and concrete (unsuitable) locks them into a real vicious circle of poverty.
The Association la Voûte Nubienne (AVN) adapted and validated a constructive technique made entirely of local materials (earth and stones for the foundations). This technique allows the realization of solid and comfortable buildings, adapted to the local economies and therefore to the expectations and demands of the populations.

General meeting 2016
4 february 2017

General meeting 2016

The general meeting was held in the reception room of the Labastide de Lévis winery in the presence of some thirty members. This meeting was an opportunity to review the actions taken since the creation of the association in 2014, to take stock and consider the future.
You can consult the 2016 report for more details.

Cotton harvest in Burkina Faso - Afrique
5 january 2017

Burkina Faso says no to Monsanto's cotton

In 2009, Burkina Faso, one of the largest cotton producers in Africa, was the first country to test GM GM cotton, to eliminate a pest, in partnership with Monsanto.
But seven years later, Burkinabe producers do not find themselves there. In question, the quality of GM cotton whose fiber is too short.
Learn more ...

Séjour 2016
21 october 2016

Stay in Burkina Faso 2016

Five members of the association left for 15 days in Burkina Faso to finalize the works of the homework room, install the solar panels and initiate the organization allowing the management of the installations.

Flea market in Rouffiac
11 septembre 2016

Flea market in Rouffiac

This last empty loft of the season allowed to collect 130 €.
He gave the opportunity to make contacts for future projects and prepare the trip for the 5 members of the association who will fly on October 21 to install the photovoltaic panels on the room of revision.

19 june 2016

Fundraising on KissKissBankBank

This collection will contribute to the financing of the photovoltaic pack that will illuminate the village.
Thanks to the generosity of 23 contributors we reached our target of € 2 000 € in 40 days.

General meeting 2015
14 november 2015

General meeting 2015

The general meeting of the ADPVK was held on November 14, 2015 at the home of its treasurer in Rouffiac. After the presentation of the moral, activity and financial report for the year 2015, the budget estimate for the year 2016 has been approved.
The office has been renewed with Philippe RACAUD as president (vice president Alfred Millogo) , treasurer Pascal BARJOU (Assistant Treasurer Vincent BUSOLIN) and as secretary Pascal JOURDAN (Assistant Secretary Benoit CELARIES).

10 october 2015

Purchase of 275 kilos of rice for the village women's association

Following the unrest that destabilized the country (failed coup of September 16), economic activities were disrupted and weakened people who live on the wire.
The ADPVK has financed the purchase of 375 kilos of rice for the village women's association which will be responsible for the distribution in order to relieve the empty stomachs.
The merchandise was sent by Alfred MILLOGO the representative of the association in Burkina Faso.

Ekiden d'Albi
3 october 2015

Participation at Ekiden Albi

The ADPVK has hired two teams at Ekiden Albi.
The distance of a marathon traveled in 6 relays by each team allowed to communicate on the actions of the association.

Flea market in Graulhet
20 september 2015

Flea market in Graulhet

This day with friends under the sun of Graulhet has raised 400 €.
Thanks to the members of the ADPVK who have devoted time to the organization of this demonstration.

Flaa market in Puygouzon
14 june 2015

Flaa market in Puygouzon

Despite a wet early morning, the vacuum loft Puygouzon was once again a success.
The sale of trinkets, books, ... have raised more than 350 €.

Flaa market in Cambon d'Albi
20 december 2014

Flaa market in Cambon d'Albi

The ADPVK participated in the garage sale in Cambon d'Albi for the benefit of the association.
Thanks to the dynamism of its members and the generosity of the donors, this day has raised more than 400 €.

General meeting 2014
20 december 2014

General meeting 2014

The AGM of the ADPVK took place at the home of its treasurer, in the presence of 9 members out of 13 of the association.

Dao Issouf Afrique
21 january 2014

Creation of the ADPVK in 2014

The president of the ADPVK worked for 3 years in Burkina Faso as part of a development project.
On the occasion of a trip 14 years later to see his friends and seeing that the living conditions in the rural villages had not changed he decided to mobilize to provide these populations with decent living conditions.