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May 2023

Drilling repair

The drilling water was built in 2015 and provides quality water to the 150 inhabitants of the village and to all the farmers who come to work their fields nearby.
The Benkadi village association created in 2017 helps manage infrastructure implemented in the village. The revenue generated by the sale of cold drinks and the payment of subscriptions for lighting, now make it possible to finance the maintenance and repairs of equipment (drilling, lighting, revision room).
Benkadi took charge of repairing the borehole which had been depriving the village of water for a week.

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March 2023

Giant slates to learn better

The Parents' Associations (APE) of the 3 schools in the Kou valley have requested the support of the ADVK to obtain “giant” slates. In order to facilitate learning in overcrowded classrooms.
In total, the 3 schools have 1,500 students at the rate of 6 classes per school and an average of 80 students. With working groups of 7 to 8 students, 10 slates are needed per class, i.e. 180 slates in total.

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Oct 2022

Table-benches for schools in the Kou Valley

In Burkina Faso, the security situation forces many populations to move (nearly 2 million, 60% of whom are children). This is how the village of Bama receives a very large number of internally displaced persons. On the occasion of the start of the 2022 school year, the schools of the Kou Valley are collecting their children.
Nearly 500 displaced children were welcomed, complicating the organization of already overcrowded classes. These children are sometimes seated on the floor facing the painting...
The parents' associations have asked the ADVK to renovate 75 table-benches which will improve the material conditions for learning and teaching.


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Sept 2022

Sponsorship ceremony 2022

The sponsorship ceremony for the 2022-23 school year took place on September 24 in the fishermen's district of the Kou Valley. This ceremony organized by the Benkadi village association was the occasion to offer a meal to all the participants and to give the prizes to the sponsored pupils.
Like every year, they received school supplies, a school bag, school fees, a mosquito net, a bag of rice and a toilet bag.
Due to the context made difficult by the security situation and inflation, the ADVK has decided to provide, in addition to the usual allocation, a 50 kg bag of corn in order to relieve the families.

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June 2022

School latrines renovation

Among the solutions to encourage children to go to school, few people think of the toilet. However, the availability of toilets can encouragechildren, especially girls, to go to school and follow their education.
The lack of adequate toilets in schools threatens the education of millions of children in developing countries. They are at risk of falling ill due to poor hygieneand therefore do not go to school. The risks are even higher for girls.

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March 2022

Mattress for the dispensary

The ADVK donated medical mattresses to the Bama dispensary. CThe mattresses were donated by the Fondation Bon Sauveur d'Alby who has been supporting the actions of the ADVK for several years.
These mattresses will improve the reception conditions for patients by equipping beds not equipped with mattresses.

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January 2022

Support refugees in Bama

Since 2015, Burkina Faso like its neighbors Mali and Niger has been caught in a spiral of violence attributed to jihadist armed groups.
This conflict has left at least 2,000 dead and 1.4 million displaced out of a population of 21 million.
This insecurity and violence affect the entire Sahel region in the north of the country, directly impacting the lives of millions of people, forced to give up everything and flee so as not to die...

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November 2021

A first vaccine shield against malaria

After decades of research and several unsuccessful attempts, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended on October 6 the use large-scale vaccine developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) after a large pilot project in three African countries (Malawi, Ghana, Kenya). This vaccine is not a panacea since it is only effective against 30% of severe malaria cases, while the disease kills more than 400,000 people worldwide, including two thirds of children under 5 years old, mainly in Africa. Some observers suspect the WHO of rushing the announcement to cover up the disappointing results of its global strategy against malaria.
This first success, even relative, of GSK could however encourage other companies to accelerate their research. While waiting for a more effective vaccine, routine disease protection measures, such as nighttime use of insecticide-treated (impregnated) mosquito nets, should be stepped up.
Source : Yann Mens - Alternatives Économiques, n° 477 2021

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Sept 2021

Sponsorship ceremony

The endowments were given to sponsored children during the ceremony which took place on September 25 in the Kou Valley.
The children received a bag of rice, a mosquito net, a school bag, school supplies, a toiletry bag and school fees for the year 2021-22. Children entering middle school received a bicycle.
The ceremony organized by the village association Benkadi was a moment of celebration with organized games for children and a meal offered to all.

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August 2021

Benkadi office meeting

Benkadi is the village association created in 2016 for the management of installations (drilling, revision room and solar pack), which were set up in partnership with the ADVK.
The office, made up equally of 3 men and 3 women, is in charge of the proper management of revenue from the sale of fresh water, recharging of cell phone batteries and subscriptions for lighting.
It meets regularly to control and decide on the allocation of these revenues, for the maintenance of equipment and reports to the entire population.
In addition to the environmental sustainability of its projects, the ADVK is attentive to their social and economic sustainability.

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July 2021

Sustainable development

According to GIEC the devastating consequences of global warming will become concrete before 2050.
A European emits 45 times more CO 2 than a Burkinabé. It is from this observation that the ADVK has been aiming since its creation to carry out ecologically sustainable development projects. We must invent more virtuous development models than those of rich countries, for the 1.5 billion humans living in the least developed countries and aspiring to a better life.
In 2016, the construction of a revision room equipped with solar panels made it possible to light a village of 150 inhabitants and to operate a fridge for the sale of cold drinks. Since then, the management of the installations by the village association Benkadi has made it possible to generate sufficient revenue for the maintenance and renewal of the equipment.

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June 2020

Renovation class room

Despite the rains that have just started, renovations to a class in primary school have just started.
The availability of this class at the next school year will reduce the number of students per class. The primary school will have 20 classes for 1,500 students, i.e. on average 75 students per class.

The ADVK in partnership with the educational team, has offered to sponsor a schoolchild since 2016. Thanks to these sponsorships, 27 schoolchildren benefit each year from the support of their schooling, an endowment of school supplies and basic necessities (rice, mosquito net, solar lights,...).

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May 2020

General meeting 2019

In the context of the Coronavirus epidemic, the ADVK office decided to organize a digital general meeting.
By following this link, you can read about the association's activities in 2019 and vote for the renewal of the office.

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May 2020

Renewal of the office of the Benkadi association

Create in 2016, it brings together the men and women of the village in order to manage community facilities (photovoltaic and drilling).
The photovoltaic pack installed in 2016 can supply a fridge allowing the sale of fresh water, bissap and cell phone charging. These receipts ($ 45/month on average) allow to compensate the saleswoman and to maintain and renew the equipment. The extension of the pack in 2018, which made it possible to light up around thirty homes, also generates monthly subscription revenues ($ 0.80 for one bulb).
These resources enabled the Benkadi association to replace the battery pack in January 2019.

Congratulations to Marie MILLOGO the new president (vice-president, Josué ZONON), Ardjata SANOU the new secretary (vice-secretary, Oumar SABO) and Mariam MANALGUÉ the new treasurer (vice-treasurer, Adama SANFO).

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April 2020

25 hand-wash basin for the Bama school

As in France, Burkinabé students are about to return to school.
As part of a class renovation project the ADVK had planned to equip around twenty classes with handwashers for the start of the school year in September 2020. Faced with the Coronavirus epidemic and the inability of the Burkinabé government to mobilize resources, the ADVK is working to equip these classes for the resumption of classes scheduled for the month of May. These hand-wash basin will allow the 2 000 pupils of these 3 schools to wash their hands regularly.
Canisters fitted with taps have been purchased and Issouf, Bama's welder, is in the process of producing the metal structure. It is also planned to supply 100 blocks of soap.

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March 2020

Container's unloading

After twenty days at sea, and a month and a half of formalities at the port of Abidjan, the container of the library has finally arrived in Bama.
The equipment was unloaded in a room in the town hall while waiting for its installation. For a good management, a long work of inventory of 3 500 works is to be carried out before the opening of the library to the public.

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Feb 2020

School sponsorship

Like every year, the delivery of school supplies to sponsored children is a moment awaited by children and families.
A bag of rice, a mosquito net and an improved stove as well as school suppliess (school bag, notebooks, pencil case, pencils) were given to the 25 sponsored children.
This support is a source of motivation for the children and a source of pride for the families, making it possible to support children in his schooling.

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Nov 2019

Bama multimedia library

The multimedia library project in partnership with the town of Bama is taking shape.
Next December 19 a container, loaded with 7000 novels and textbooks, 25 computer stations and office furniture, will leave for Burkina Faso.
The library will be opened to students and residents of Bama commune during 2020.

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March 2019

General meeting 2018

The General Assembly of the ADPVK was held on February 22, 2019 at the home of its treasurer.
The office of the ADPVK has made the moral balance of the association by recalling the values carried by its members.
The reminder of the actions carried out in 2018 made it possible to compare these actions with the objectives we had set ourselves and to measure the financial resources put into action.
The projects for the year 2019 and 2020 were presented in particular the equipment of a multimedia room.

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November 201

The nights of the Kou valley light up

The installation of solar panels and batteries at the end of October doubled the power of the existing pack. 52 bulbs are powered by these solar panels and an electrical network. Almost all the houses in the village are now lit.
This lighting allows women to continue their economic activities in the freshness of evenings and children to revise their lessons.
The trip of 3 members of the association allowed to train in electricity 2 young people of the village and to initiate a management of the installations by the village association Benkadi.

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September 2018

Foundation of electric poles

The 9 IPN poles modified by Issouf the welder of Bama were poured to cover the surface of the village. These poles will bring current to the nearest homes to provide enough power to power a bulb per home.
The section of the electric cables was chosen in order to make possible the evolution of the power of the system.
The installation of the electric cables and the first houses equipped with a light bulb are planned at the beginning of November.

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July 2018

Lighting the village houses

The work to lighting the village houses with solar panels began. The IPN bars that will serve as electrical poles were bought in Bobo Dioulasso, cut to 5 meters and transported to the welder of Bama for some modifications.
In September the foundations will be prepared to pour the 9 poles in the village to carry current in each house.

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Décember 2017

Solar lights illuminate the evenings of schoolchildren in the Kou Valley

The school sponsorship launched by the ADPVK in 2017 was a great success.
Sponsors' contribution helped to cover fees for 20 primary and secondary school children, a 25 kg rice bag for each family, school supplies and solar lights Lagazel.
These lamps made in Burkina Faso will allow children to review their lessons in the evening after school.
Each sponsor has a web page where he finds photos and videos of the sponsored child as well as the report cards.

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June 2017

Benkadi Association

Created at the end of 2016 by the people of the fishing village of the Kou valley, the Benkadi association (harmony in Dioula) brings together the men and women of the village in order to manage the installations set up (homework classroom, solar panels and drilling).
The elected office is composed of three women and the deputy bureau of three men. The association is responsible for the proper use of the facilities and the collection of revenue from the sale of ice, fresh water, telephone charging, ... to ensure the maintenance and renewal of the facilities.

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October 2016

Five members of the association left for 15 days in Burkina Faso to finalize the works of the homework room, install the solar panels and initiate the organization allowing the management of the installations.

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October 2015

Purchase of 275 kilos of rice for the village women's association

Following the unrest that destabilized the country (failed coup of September 16), economic activities were disrupted and weakened people who live on the wire.
The ADPVK has financed the purchase of 375 kilos of rice for the village women's association which will be responsible for the distribution in order to relieve the empty stomachs.
The merchandise was sent by Alfred MILLOGO the representative of the association in Burkina Faso.

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January 2014

Creation of the ADPVK in 2014

The president of the ADPVK worked for 3 years in Burkina Faso as part of a development project.
On the occasion of a trip 14 years later to see his friends and seeing that the living conditions in the rural villages had not changed he decided to mobilize to provide these populations with decent living conditions.

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